Friday, April 6, 2012

What is unique about Gold?

Ever wonder why investors and banks want to hold Gold?  Look at a few of the reasons that makes Gold a unique investment.

 Consider these characteristics:
It is rare, and its quantity is limited. The entire amount extracted from the ground in all of history amounts to 165,000 metric tons. This is equivalent to a cube 20 meters long/deep/wide.

It is difficult and expensive to find, mine, and bring to the surface. It is therefore subject to only small and slow incremental supply.

It is indestructible, homogeneous, and easily reconstituted if diluted or broken up.

It is compact, and therefore permits transportation of a high value in a relatively small space.

It is the only universally used asset that can be instantly converted to cash (even by the world's central banks) that is not someone else's liability.

And, of crucial importance, it is anonymous.

Not one of these attributes is unique to gold. What makes gold unique is that it is the only form of money which combines all of them.

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